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Stainless Steel Actuators - 2 to 150 ton

Stainless Steel actuators can be retrofitted into applications where Duff-Norton non-stainless steel actuators have been previously used. The sealed gear cavity keeps water and other contaminants out. Upright and inverted rotating screws models with traveling nut are available. Anti-backlash models are also available

Stainless Steel Machine Screw Overview

Performance Specifications

Stainless Steel Machine Screw Diagram

For clean environments, Duff-Norton offers a complete line of stainless steel machine screw actuators in standard and special configurations for loads up to 100 tons.
Duff-Norton Stainless Steel actuators incorporate all of the same features as Duff-Norton's standard machine screw actuators, but can be used in severe environments where other materials are inadequate. All exposed surfaces are made of 316 stainless steel including the lifting screw, housing, shell cap, worm and dust guard. Options include: anti-backlash and keyed lifting screws for translating screw models.
Duff-Norton offers a complete line of both standard and custom engineered stainless steel machine screw actuators for applications up to 100 tons.

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Sealed gear cavity to keep contaminants out
  • Anti-backlash and Metric Machine Screw Actuators are also available - contact our customer service personnel for more information

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