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Screw Jack Reducer Performance and Dimensions

Download your screw jack reducer performance and dimensions PDF guide here.

Screw Jack C Face Motor Adaptor

Download your screw jack C face motor adapter PDF guide here.

Motorized Actuator Performance
  • Actuator speed reducer drive motor and limit switch in one package
  • Machine screw and ball screw actuator models
  • 2-ton through 35-ton actuator capacity
  • Increased load capability over previously supplied motorized actuators
  • Allows one, two or three actuators to be driven with one motor and speed reducer
  • Four standard speed reduction ratios
  • Consult factory for other ratios
  • Top and bottom screw stops to prevent accidental overtravel (slave actuators do not have screw stops).
  • Equipped with 1750 RPM, 230/460 volt, 3 phase motors. Consult factory for motors with other speeds, voltages and features.
To Order Motorized Actuators, Specify the Following
  • Actuator Model
  • Translating or rotating screw version
  • Upright or inverted configuration
  • Type of screw end (translating screw actuators)
  • Travel
  • With or without boot
  • With or without anti-backlash feature (machine screw actuators)
  • With or without internal keying (translating machine screw actuators)
  • With or without limit switch (and mounting position if with limit switch)
  • Position indication (visual or digital) -if required
  • Speed reducer ratio
  • Motor horsepower
  • Brake motor standard for ball screw actuators.
  • Specify if brake motor is required for machine screw actuators.
  • Side and position for speed reducer mounting
  • Duty cycle parameters (application load, frequency of use, travel, etc.)
  • For other requirements consult factory

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