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1700 Series - High Pressure - Swivel


  • MEDIA: Water, Air, Hydraulic Fluid
  • PRESSURE: 5,075 PSI
  • SPEED: 80 RPM
  • THREADS: 1/4 to 3 inch NPTBSP & BSPP Available
  • MATERIAL: Nickel Plated Steel

*See performance charts for details

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Specifications, Dimensions and Part Numbers

Features & Benefits

  • Swivel Applications - Used in applications where slow rotation or swiveling motion is needed
  • Flanged Swivel Design - Allows for stability in high flow applications
  • GR Seal Technology - Design features include a ball bearing for rotation, and a GR seal for superior sealing performance
  • High Temperature Applications - Can be used in applications with temperatures up to 392¼ F

Features & Benefits

  • High Pressure Applications - For use in hydraulic and pneumatic applications
  • GR Seal Technology - Equipped with a GR Seal, which is suitable for most fluids
  • Corrosion Resistant - Standard models feature nickel treated carbon steel construction, but are also available in all stainless steel
  • Thrust Bearings - A single acting thrust bearing permits slow rotation at high pressures

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