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DWA Series - General Purpose


  • MEDIA: Water, non-corrosive fluids and oils
  • PRESSURE*: 200 PSI, (1.38 MPa) 180 PSI - 2" size only (1.24 MPa)
  • TEMPERATURE*: 158F (70C) 159F - 212F (71C - 100C) (Reduce pressure rating 15%)
  • SPEED*: 1750 RPM,1750 - 3500 RPM (Reduce pressure rating 20%)
  • THREADS: 1/4 to 2 Inch NPT

*See performance chart for details

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Specifications, Dimensions, and Part Numbers

Features & Benefits

  • Silicon carbide / carbon graphite seal faces provide long service life
  • Short dry run capability for initial machine start up
  • High precision ball bearings for smooth running and long life, even at high speeds
  • Internal bearing protection and vented body to prevent lubricant washout
  • Aluminum housing with stainless steel shaft
  • No maintenance required

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