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Rotary Unions® transfer media (water, steam, air, oil, hydraulic fluid, etc) from a stationary source to rotating machinery, such as a drum or an indexing table. They are used in process industries such as; paper, printing, rubber and plastics, textile and chemical. Rotary Unions are also used on cranes, machine tools and many other applications.

Duff-Norton Rotary Unions are used to provide heating or cooling media like steam, hot oil, water or coolant to control the surface temperature of a drum or roll, to transfer air or hydraulic fluid to moving components or to add fluids to mixers while in motion. Rotary unions, rotary joints and rotating joints ranging up to 750 psi and up to 5,000 RPM are available.

DWA series

The DWA Rotary Union from Duff-Norton is a reliable and economical way to solve your process heating and cooling solutions. Suitable for applications where water reaches a maximum temperature of 200°F (93°C), it is ideal for use in heating or cooling process rolls, rubber mixers, embossing rolls, and calendars. With a maximum speed of 1750 RPM and maximum pressure of 200 PSI (180 PSI on 2” models), the DWA Rotary Union is well-suited to a wide variety of applications and industries.

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Rotary Unions applications


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Rotary Unions selection guide

Selection guide

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Rotary Unions technical data

Technical data

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Installation information

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DWA Series specifications & dimensions

DWA Series

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Terms of sale

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Rotary Unions guide

Rotary Unions Guide

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