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Workshop Equipment

Maintenance is an important pillar for passenger and cargo freight rail transportation. Efficient maintenance is a prerequisite for ensuring economical and secure operations. Duff-Norton design and manufacturers a wide range of equipment for additional workshop requirements that relate to the repair, maintenance and inspection for all or your Railcar and Locomotive needs.

Duff-Norton manufactures support stands, truck repair stands, scissor lifts and lifting and turning devices. Duff-Norton offers the right solution for all of your Railcar and Locomotive maintenance and repair needs.

Lift & Turning Devices.jpg      Roof Working Platforms.jpg

Lift & Turning Devices                                         Roof Working Platforms


Auxiliary Trucks.jpg     Auxiliary Trucks 2.jpg

Auxiliary Trucks                                                    Auxiliary Trucks


Truck Transporter.jpg     Truck Transporter 2.jpg

Truck Transporter                                               Truck Transporter


Truck Transporter 3.jpg     Rail-Bound Transport and Towing Vehicle.jpg

Truck Transporter                                                Rail-Bound Transport and
                                                                                   Towing Vehicle


Rail-Bound Transport and Towing Vehicle 2.jpg     Rail-Bound Transport and Towing Vehicle 3.jpg

Rail-Bound Transport and                                Rail-Bound Transport and
Towing Vehicle                                                     Towing Vehicle

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