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Duff-Norton is a designer and manufacturer of turntables for Locomotives and Railcars. Duff-Norton Turntables consist of a solid lower frame and an upper frame with cover that¿s connected by a smooth running center bearing unit with spherical roller bearing. Additionally, the upper frame is supported in the outer area by means of various traveling rollers with ball bearings, which guarantees higher stability and carrying capacity upon crossing and turning.

The capacity of the Truck Turntable is designed so that a dismantled truck or the complete train can cross the system. Duff-Norton Turntables are designed for a gross axle weight rating of 16 tons they can rotate 360 degrees in both directions and are equipped with an automatic locking device to align the Truck Turntable rails with the Workshop rails at each 90 degree position.

Manual Turntables 1.jpg     Manual Turntables 2.jpg

Manual Turntables                                              Manual Turntables


Electric Turntables 1.jpg     Electric Turntables 2.jpg

Electric Turntables                                              Electric Turntables


Electric Turntables 3.jpg     Electric Turntables 4.jpg

Electric Turntables                                              Electric Turntables

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