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Truck Lifts

Truck lifts are an easy and efficient way to perform maintenance, inspection and repair work on rail trucks. Duff-Norton design and manufacture truck lifts in both deep pit and shallow pit in-grown configurations. Duff-Norton truck lifts are designed with self-locking acme screws, bevel gears, drive shafts and a common electrical 3-phase brake motor to enable the synchronous lifting and lowering movement between the individual screws.

Duff-Norton truck lift systems are equipped with automatic gap covers that close the open spaces when the truck lifts are raised and anti-roll-off device at each end of the lifting beams. Truck lift systems are equipped with a load nut, a safety nut along with electronic nut wear sensors and limit switches that are used for detecting stop and safety positions as well as for monitoring other operational steps. Truck lifts are an affordable way to raise trucks to a convenient height for the performance of routine maintenance, inspection and repair work.

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