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In-ground lifting system

Deep pit, shallow pit, direct lifting and in-direct lifting

Duff-Norton deep and shallow pit in-groundlifting systems are custom designed to lift and lower Locomotives and Railcars in coupled pairs or single units to a suitable height for maintenance work. Duff-Norton in-ground lifting systems utilize acme thread screws, helical bevel gears and a common electrical 3-phase brake motor to enable the synchronous lifting and lowering movement between the individual hoist. Duff-Norton screws are protected with protection boots in the upper position and they are automatically greased by a lubrication pump, mounted in each of the pits. Limit switches are used for detecting stop and safety positions, as well as for the other monitoring operation steps.

Duff-Norton in-ground lifting systems are equipped with automatic gap covers that close the open spaces when the car hoists or body supports are raised and anti-roll-off device at each end of the lifting beams. Duff-Norton hoists and supports may be moved individually or together with other hoists by means of participation switches at the control cabinet. 

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