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Duff-Norton manufactures Screw JacksLinear Actuators, Electric Cylinders, Rotary UnionsAcme and Ball Screws & Nuts and Rail Maintenance Equipment. Since 1883, Duff-Norton has earned a reputation for reliable, high quality products meeting the industrial lifting, positioning, and process heat transfer needs of our customers worldwide.

Duff-Norton has been ISO 9001 registered since 1994. Our products are specially designed for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. The primary markets we serve include; steel forming equipment, packaging, industrial machinery, electrical & electronics, food and beverage, ergonomics, construction, printing, tire & rubber, paper, metal industries, wood products, metal fabrication and communications.

Screw Jacks

  • A screw jack is a device used to apply a force, push and pull, or move to a position and hold by mechanically converting rotary motion into linear motion
  • Screw jacks (mechanical actuators) capacities from 1/4 ton to 350 tons
  • Available in machine screw, ball screw, stainless steel machine screw actuators, micro-miniature actuators, high duty cycle actuators, motorized machine screw and ball screw actuators, electric cylinders and motor control systems
  • Accessories include miter gear boxes, c-face motor adapters, limit switches, transducers, visual and digital position indicators, couplings, ball screws and ball screw systems, and locking rings
  • Can be used as alternatives to hydraulic and pneumatic systems

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Linear Actuators

  • Duff-Norton manufactures linear actuators and electric cylinders
  • Linear Actuator products include TracMaster and LinearMaster Actuators, Modular Actuators and Electric Cylinders
  • Linear actuators are available in capacities ranging from 27 pounds to 25 Tons, gear or belt driven, acme screw and ball screw systems with various AC and DC input voltages
  • Duff-Norton Linear Actuators are specially designed for a variety of commercial and industrial applications
  • These actuators are used for opening and closing, tilting and pivoting, lifting and lowering and positioning
  • Custom designs are also available for special applications
  • Linear Actuators are now being used in place of pneumatics and hydraulics when leaking hydraulic oil is a concern

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Rotary Unions

  • Duff-Norton manufactures Rotary Unions and Swivels in single and multi-port configurations. Rotary Unions are also known as rotary joints, rotating joints, and rotating unions.
  • Rotating joints are used to transfer media from a stationary supply to a rotating component such as a drum or a roll
  • Specifications: Pressure - 10,000 psi max | Temperature - 600 degrees F max | Speed - 3,500 RPM max | Sizes - 1/8" to 12" max
  • Media: Water, steam, hot oil, hydraulic fluid, non-toxic, non-flammable gases
  • Primary Industries: Chemical, printing, rubber, metals, textiles, plastics, food, paper, machine tools, building materials, construction equipment
  • Basic Applications: Provide heating or cooling media to control the surface temperature of a drum or roll, transfer air or hydraulic fluid to moving components, add fluids to mixers while in motion

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Acme & Ball Screws and Nuts

  • Duff-Norton has been manufacturing Acme and Ball Screws and Nuts for our actuator products for decades
  • Offers an expanded assortment of screws and nuts for your application requirements
  • Acme Screws & Nuts offer excellent load ratings and Centralizing class screw & nut assemblies
  • Ball Screws & Nuts offer excellent load ratings, 90% efficiency, and long predictable life ratings

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Rail Maintenance Equipment

  • Duff-Norton designs and manufactures a wide range of equipment for performing maintenance and inspection work on Rail transportation vehicles
  • Duff-Norton systems are designed to lift complete trains or a single car for maintenance and repair work
  • Systems can be designed to meet our customers specific configuration and capacity requirements
  • All rail maintenance equipment are designed manufactured and tested at our Charlotte, NC facility

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Stage and Theater

  • Duff-Norton designs and manufactures a wide range of equipment for stage and theater applications
  • Systems can be designed to meet our customers specific artistic and application requirements
  • Products are designed for lifting stages, moving props, lowering podiums or shifting floors

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