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Modular Actuators - Translating Tube Machine Screw


  • Rated loads from 2,000 lbs, depending on actuator gear ratio and motor horsepower
  • Lifting speeds to 170 in/min (varied with load and hp/rpm of motor)
  • Standard travel up to 24 inches (consult Duff-Norton engineering for longer travel options)

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Specifications, dimensions and part numbers

Features & Benefits

  • Outer aluminum tube is corrosion-resistant and protects translating tube, lifting screw and nut
  • Wiper-scraper seal in end of outer tube keeps dirt out and lubricants in
  • Bronze guide bushing inside of outer tube reduces lateral movement of translating screw
  • Translating tube zinc coated for weather-resistance
  • Single or double lead lifting screw and nut for high efficiency and long wear
  • Vent in outer tube prevents pressure build-up in the actuator
  • Furnished with standard clevis end on translating tube. Threaded end is available; and on special order, depending on application, any type of threaded connection may be substituted

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