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HMPD Series with Clutch - 250 lbs (1,112N)


  • CAPACITY: 250 lbs (1,112 N)
  • STATIC LOAD: 300 lbs (1,332 N)
  • TUBE RESTRAINING TORQUE: 60 in-lbf (6.7 Nm)
  • DESIGN: Acme Screw
  • TEMPERATURE RANGE: -20F to 120F (-29C to 50C) (Special grease for low temperature)
  • ENVIRONMENT: IP50 Protection Standard (IP52 Option)

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Specifications, dimensions and part numbers

Features & Benefits

  • Heavy duty design for long life in tough applications
  • Aluminum housing and outer tube
  • Steel translating tube - zinc chromate plated
  • Double clevis mounting- Patented Spring Brake
  • Load limiting friction disc clutch
  • Automatic reset thermal overload motor protectionOptions

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