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Dissecting the growth of the linear motion market and the skills gap

By 2021, the market value of the global linear motion systems industry is expected to reach $7.94 billion (US). With a compound annual growth rate...

5 questions you should ask before you choose a supplier

Choosing a supplier is about more than just finding one that has the right motion technology products for your application; it’s about finding one...

5 important reasons why cheap isn’t cheerful when it comes to Linear Motion

In an age of economic uncertainty, it’s easy to think that getting the cheapest price for your goods counts as a win. Unfortunately, that is not...

Smart investments: Johnford lathe expands Duff-Norton’s capabilities

The Johnford lathe is a noteworthy investment for any heavy-duty manufacturing firm. Through a process of facing, turning, necking, chamfering,...

Duff-Norton screw jacks lift U.S. Navy’s futuristic electromagnetic railgun

From the muzzle-loading cannons of the USS Constitution to the Advanced Gun System on the U.S. Navy’s latest Zumwalt-class destroyers, naval...

7 habits that kill a design engineer's productivity

Let’s face it, as humans we’re nothing without habits. Habits keep us sane, and without them we’d descend into anarchy. Nothing would get done.

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Guide to choosing the right linear actuator
Guide to choosing the right linear actuator
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