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Duff-Norton screw jacks lift U.S. Navy’s futuristic electromagnetic railgun

From the muzzle-loading cannons of the USS Constitution to the Advanced Gun System on the U.S. Navy’s latest Zumwalt-class destroyers, naval...

7 habits that kill a design engineer's productivity

Let’s face it, as humans we’re nothing without habits. Habits keep us sane, and without them we’d descend into anarchy. Nothing would get done.

10 Twitter accounts every design engineer should follow

Let’s face it: with 328 million monthly users, Twitter is a massive source of information. As a design engineer, that means it should be a go-to...

An insight into the changing face of the engineering workforce

The engineering workforce has been facing numerous challenges within recent years. Although, from an outsider’s perspective, the profession is as...

How to set a limit switch on a linear actuator

Limit switches allow you to set the travel limits on your linear actuator in accordance with your application’s needs. In some instances, limit...

Hydraulic vs electric linear actuators: which is best?

When buying a linear actuator, it’s important to choose a product that will fit best with your application and specific demands. Whether you want...

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Guide to choosing the right linear actuator
Guide to choosing the right linear actuator

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