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Cheese production


An ammonia cooling wheel is used in a clean room environment during the production of cheese.

Products used

Rotary Union, Unit: 9000G, Media: ammonia

Meat tenderizing


The rotary union transfers glycol into the mixer to cool the meat during production.

Products used

Rotary Union, Unit: 9000 series, Media: glycol

Wine making - grape cap buster

Grape cap buster, to break up the "Cap" of grape skins and seeds that float to the top of the tank during the fermenting stage of wine making.  The dispersion of skins and seed into the wine during fermenting enhances the flavors and texture.

Products used

Screw Jack, Unit: M2859, 50-ton Ball Screw actuator

industrial oven

A 15-ton stainless steel actuator is used to raise, lower and spin oven racks to ensure even baking of bread. Food grade grease is used making it safe for food producing applications. 

Products used

Screw Jack, Unit: 15 ton stainless steel actuator

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