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Mitre boxes, shafts, bellows boots, coupling, etc. 

Duff-Norton offers all of the components necessary to complete your linear motion system, whether it consists of a single actuator or multiple screw and nut arrangements. We offer a complete line of accessories to interconnect two or more screw and nut systems and provide permanent synchronization. Duff-Norton's Application Engineers can specify shafts, couplings, end blocks, pillow blocks, and right-angle miter gearboxes to accommodate any layout. Bellows boots to protect screws from dirt and other contaminates are available for all systems, to increase life and reduce maintenance requirements. Download the PDFs for further information and specifications. 

Download our PDF document here for a more in-depth overview. 

Typical system arangements 

typical systems arangement.jpgBy letting Duff-Norton be your sole source for actuator system components, you can consolidate your needs on one purchase order, reducing time spent sourcing, pricing, and receiving parts. Should you have questions, contact our customer service representatives. Duff-Norton's extensive experience with linear motion can provide you with suggestions for the most economical and reliable application solutions.



Mitre boxes

mitre boxes.jpgScrew and nut systems can use multiple arrangements. Such systems could use mitre boxes to effectively position and equally distribute loads. As the mitre boxes are supplied with 1:1 gear ratios as standard, all motion is synchronous upon system actuation through the main drive shaft. Our mitre boxes feature a compact design, which eliminates the need for an extended hub. With this design feature the bevel gear is supported by tapered roller bearings on both sides. The result is a higher horsepower rating, increased service-life, improved lubrication, and more flexible mounting compared to other brands.

Actuator couplings 

actuator couplings.jpgDuff-Norton provides three coupling types which have been tailored to specific screw and nut system requirements. Chain Couplings, Jaw Couplings and Full-Flex and Flex-Rigid gear couplings are available.



Connecting shafts

connecting shafts.jpgDuff-Norton's connecting shafts are the solution to a common system operating problem that stems from connecting shafts made from standard steel, which are often bowed or out-of-round. This results in a whipping effect while the system is being run with the connecting shaft working its way loose form the system at high speeds and doing a great deal of damage to the system's equipment. Duff-Norton connecting shafts are furnished with close tolerance Turned, Ground, and Polished steel for smooth rotation.

Pillow blocks

pillow blocks.jpgDuff-Norton provides a wide assortment of Pillow Blocks designed to operate with our screws and nuts, shafts, and couplings meeting a wide range of system requirements. Pillow Blocks may be used in any shafting configuration for additional shaft support, but are specifically required when the shaft length exceeds the dimensions listed in our shaft selection tables.



Flange blocks

flange block.jpgDuff-Norton provides a wide assortment of Flange Blocks designed to operate with our screw and nut systems. Flange Blocks lock on to the end of the screw, and can then be bolted on to the machine or fixture. This simple screw support ensures that the load being carried by the acme or ball but is properly guided.



Bellows Boots

bellows boots.jpgDuff-Norton highly recommends the use of a bellows boot for most screw and nut applications. Duff-Norton can provide bellows boots for the most stringent application requirement. Bellows Boots protect the lifting screw from dust, dirt, moisture, and corrosive contaminants.

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